What Should You Do if Somebody Min 3bets You?

I just want to say one final thing on this subject of getting 3bet. At the lowest limits, the ones discussed in this book, you will often encounter a situation where you get min 3bet. This is a popular play among bad players. Instead of making a standard 3x or 4x sized 3bet they instead just click it back for the minimum. It is difficult to define their range when they do this and it certainly differs from player to player. It does include a lot of nut hands such as AA and KK, but also a lot of broadways and mid pairs.

In spots like this you should definitely call with a wider range than the one suggested above. However, you must make sure that they have a reasonable stack size as well. Since it is usually bad players that utilize this play, they will be more likely to have a short stack. Bad players tend to buyin short and/or not use the auto top off feature. You should make sure that they have at least 50bb, but preferably a bit more, before considering a call. And you should be much more inclined to call IP than OOP.

If they do not have a large stack and you plan on folding almost every time you miss the flop, you will not be able to turn a profit. Therefore it is better to just fold even though it is such a ridiculous amount. But in general, assuming something close to 100bb stacks, you should be calling these min 3bets a fair bit more often than a normal 3bet.

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