What if You Get Raised or Lead Into?

So far I have only talked about spots on the turn when your opponent is still playing passively. What should you do if they lead or raise your turn bet? For the most part, and against all player types, I will be folding in these spots without a really strong hand. I think you should make a clear distinction between flop raises and turn or river raises. I think that the latter are a lot stronger in general especially at these stakes.

The reason for this is that these are the big money streets and bluffing here often requires that someone put in a big chunk of their stack. Bluffing for a small portion of your stack is a lot easier. So I tend to give these kinds of plays quite a bit of credit and I think that you should be folding a hand as strong as an overpair a fair bit of the time against them.


In MP you have,

You raise and get called by an SLP in LP. The flop comes,

You cbet and he calls. The turn comes,

You bet again and he raises. You should fold.


In LP you have,

You raise and get called by a nit in the BB. The flop comes,

You bet the flop and he called. The turn comes,

He leads.
You should fold.

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