What if You Get Floated?

Having your cbet floated is a more common occurrence and a lot different of a situation than getting raised. A float just means that your opponent called your cbet. It is also sometimes referred to as a “smooth call” because it is kind of a sly play that doesn’t really give away a lot of information about the strength of the hand.

All a float really tells us is that they have hit the board in some way but probably not in a huge way. But from time to time they will be trapping with a huge hand as well. Determining what a float means really depends on the player type though. As mentioned before, some players will fold to cbets a large amount of the time (nits for instance). And some players (like fish) will continue with a wide range that even includes no pair, no draw hands.

If you have a good sized sample on someone, at least 100 hands, you can make use of their fold to flop cbet stat. So for instance with this nit player type,

we can see that he is folding 73% of the time to cbets over a huge sample. This is pretty high. As a rough range we can probably put this player on at least top pair or a pretty big draw most of the time if he is still around after our cbet. So if this player floats me on the flop, or raises me for that matter, I will be pretty quick to give him credit.

Whereas with this SLP player type,

who is only folding to cbets 42% of the time, I will assign a very different range. This guy is continuing over 30% more often than the nit above. This means that he has plenty of bottom and middle pairs, gutshot or just overs type hands. I will not be giving him anywhere near as much credit.

So hopefully this will give you some idea of the kind of range that you should assign players when you get floated. This information will go a long way in determining how you should proceed on the turn.

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