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An ingenious addition to Hold’em Manager 2 is the “versus hero” stats. They are extremely useful to highlight specific situations where players tend to adjust versus each other. I find these stats especially valuable when it comes to reacting to 3-bets.

I have created a versus hero popup for my HUD that deals specifically with 3-betting. Here is a screen shot of how it is set up. Feel free to copy it and use it in your own play:

The top line of the pop-up: Total Hands|Total 3-Bet vs. Everyone|Total 3-bet vs. Hero|Total Resteal vs. Everyone|Total Resteal vs. Hero|Frequency Holding Premium Hand When All-In|Total Fold to 4- bet
2nd through bottom lines of pop-up: Position 3-Bet Stats (explained below)

There are two steps to using the vs. hero positional stats:

1. When facing a 3-bet, choose the corresponding row based on your opponent’s position.

2. Then choose the columns that correspond with your position. There are two for each position. The first is your opponent’s 3-bet versus the field stat, and the second is how often he 3-bets in each position versus Hero.

If the sample size is not large enough to use the positional stats, I rely on the top line to see how his overall 3-betting and restealing stats compare relative to how often he 3-bets me. In the above screen shot, you will notice that this particular opponent tends to 3-bet me much lighter than the rest of the field. He 3-bets 11.5% vs. the field and 23.1% vs. me. He also resteals 20% and 34%, respectively. This information is very useful when making decisions versus a reraise.

The only limitation of versus hero stats is sample sizing. The stats are really only useful versus players whom you face frequently, particularly when up against regulars.

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