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The only other piece of software that I recommend you use is Holdem Manager (HEM). HEM is a database program that compiles and analyzes raw hand history files and provides information on your play and that of others. It is an invaluable tool for studying and improving your own game. Also, you can display this information right on your poker tables with the heads up display (HUD) feature. The HUD alone will save you the cost of the entire program in no time. I will be referring to several HUD stats throughout this book.

Hud Setup

Having a good HUD setup will help you quickly identify a player type. This is really important especially if you plan on doing any amount of multi-tabling. In HEM you can configure your HUD by going,

HUD Options Player Preferences

Here are a couple of the main stats that I think you should have:

  •   Voluntarily Put Money in Pot (VPIP)
  •   Preflop Raise (PFR)
  •   Aggression Factor (AF)
  •   Number of Hands
  •   Cbet
  •   Fold to Cbet
  •   3bet
  •   Fold to 3bet

I think that the above eight stats are really the main ones. Some people may use a few more such as attempt to steal, turn cbet, fold to turn cbet and even some river or 4bet stats. I use a few of these myself. But I would advise against cluttering your screen with too many stats that you will hardly ever use. If you need more information you can always bring up the full popup by left clicking on the player’s name.

My HUD looks like this.

And this is what these numbers refer to in HEM.

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