As we have seen, plenty of the time you should be pot controlling your top pair type hands especially against reasonable opponents. Well there are also plenty of instances where you should throw pot control out the window and go for three streets of value as well. These will usually be spots where you have TPGK or TPTK and are up against one of the weaker player types.

You have,

And the boards runs out,

It is very important that you bet big on all three streets here against all fish, SLPs and even a lot of regs. Especially when the board pairs a low card like this, there are just so few hands that can beat you. Most players at the micros will be incapable of folding a decent ace here. And the bad player types will not be capable of folding any ace and sometimes even worse. Do not pot control in these situations.

Two Pair

As we saw earlier there are several different kinds of two pair hands all the way from top two to bottom two. Top two of course beats a bunch more hands than bottom two and so we should play it a bit differently. But on a dry board where no obvious draws come through, I will still try to get three streets of value out of these hands most of the time.

Example: You have,

And the board runs out,

Against all player types at the micros I will be going for three streets of value here with big bets. None of this half pot stuff. I am looking to get stacks in. Fish and SLPs will call the whole way here with any ace. And there are plenty of draws that will call big bets as well. Even though the,

draw got there on the river, I will still be firing for value against all player types. If the river was say the,

which completes two draws, I would probably slow down and check/call, check behind or even check/fold against some players depending on the sizing and their AF. But in general I think you get the idea here. You need to be betting these types of hands ruthlessly and you need to be betting big, especially against the fish and SLPs. I really would just use the pot button against them. Against regs, I might bet 75 or 80% just so perhaps it doesn’t look quite so obvious to them. Pot is fine as well though.

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