The Post-Flop Pop-up

Situations Covered By The Post-Flop Pop-up

1. You face a c-bet or barrel.
2. You are considering a c-bet or barrel.
3. Your c-bet gets called.
4. Your c-bet gets raised.
5. You want to know the frequency an opponent will bet if you don’t c-bet. 6. Youareconsideringraisingac-bet.
7. You face a check-raise.
8. You face a donk bet.

Using The Stats Contained In The Pre-Flop Pop-up
C-bet Raised Pot:
I occasionally check this stat to see how strong I can expect my opponent’s range to be when he c-bets.
Fold to C-bet: I only use this stat in the post-flop pop-up to see how often my opponent folds to barrels. How an opponent reacts to a flop c-bet is covered on my main HUD.
Call C-bet: This stat generally tells you how much of a calling station a player is. If this stat is above approximately 45%, I will widen my value range and tend to bluff much less.
Raise C-bet: A decent indicator of how likely your opponent’s hand is strong when he raises your c- bet. The lower the number, the stronger his hand will probably be.
Bet Vs. Missed C-bet: I mostly use this stat out of position when I have a very strong hand against an opponent who folds to c-bets often. If he bets frequently after someone fails to c-bet, I may decide to give him some rope and check instead of continuation betting.
Fold C-bet to Raise: This stat indicates how frequently a player has folded to a post-flop re-raise in the past. I use this stat as an indicator of how often my bluffs or semi-bluffs are likely to work. It is also another indicator of how strong my opponent’s c-betting range is or his willingness to stack off with less than the nuts.
Check Raise: This indicates how likely my opponent’s range will be strong should I face a check- raise. The lower this number is, the more probable it is that he will be willing to stack off if I commit my chips.
Donk Bet:
This stat is mainly used to give me an indication as to how strong a player is when he donkbets. Frequent donk betting also is often indicative of a weak player.
Donk Fold: How often a player donk bets and then folds to a raise is revealed by this stat. It is another indicator of the strength of a player’s donk-betting range. This stat requires a fairly large sample size before normalizing and becoming reliable.

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