The Blinds

Last and definitely least are the blinds, small (SB) and big (BB). As you also undoubtedly noticed in the winrate chart above, I am losing money quite badly from these positions. And as mentioned, this is actually completely normal. This is because you are forced to put money into the pot with a random hand and play it OOP. There is just no way to overcome this disadvantage.

So you pretty much need to just accept that fact and move on. I approach the blinds as a damage control situation. My goal is simply to lose the least.

So similar to the logic behind the EP range, you should keep your range fairly tight from these positions. But not quite as tight. When the pot is limped around you should complete from the SB, or raise from either blind, with a few more speculative and high card type hands such as,

And similarly, if it gets folded to you in the small blind, you can attempt to steal with a reasonably wide range. Not too wide though as you will have to play the hand OOP when called. However, like I mentioned before in the LP steal situations, this will be player dependent. If the BB is a huge nit for instance, you can open up your range considerably.

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