The Blind Versus Blind Popup

This HUD is designed to help you make sound decisions against regulars in blind-versus-blind (BvB) situations. It includes stats for how your opponent is likely to react to your pre-flop steals and post- flop c-bets.

The stats used in the above pop-up:

Fold to Hero’s SB Steal
Call= Call Hero’s SB Steal
3-Bet= Raise Hero’s SB Steal
Fold to Hero’s C-bet BvB
Call= Call Hero’s C-bet BvB
Raise= Raise Hero’s C-bet BvB


Beyond hands played, there are only six stats contained in the pop-up. The top half is dedicated to how an opponent reacts to a small blind steal. The bottom half shows how he reacts to c-bets while in position.

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