The Analyze Stage

Here’s the chart for a reminder…

Analyze Basics

During the analyze stage, your sole purpose is to determine the situation you have. How big is your stack compared to everyone elses? What are the blinds now? Are you the short stack?

There are basically four types of situations the table can be in. For any given case, you could be either of the four players (player A,B,C,D).

Case 1 is when you have one big stack, 2 mediums and one short stack. Everyone is trying to get in the bubble – three are clear favorites. The short stack will more than likely bust out. He is the target on everyone’s list. He is about to be blinded and will make a stand soon. The big stack can play very aggressive since the other stacks are trying to survive. Medium stacks are probably paranoid. They are close to ITM and can taste it. But they aren’t there yet.

Case 2 is when everyone is even. This is a tough spot – everyone is at risk. In this case, our rule is to play as aggressive as we can without being a total donkey.

Case 3 is when you have one big stack and three little ones. The big stack can play super aggressive obviously. The three littles will play to survive and finish ITM.

Case 4 is when you have two big stacks and two medium stacks. The big stacks can bully the little ones if they choose to. The medium stacks must play normal and aggressive vs. each other to make sure that they don’t become the short stack.

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