The 106 Starting Hands You May (or may not) Want To Play

How should you use this chart you ask? If the hand appears in the 7 votes box then that means all 7 of our celebrity judges like the hand and its odds of winning. If the hand appears in the 6 votes box then its still most likely a very good hand. 6 out of 7 is 86%. If it’s in the 5 its probably still a good hand, 4 its turning into a mediocre hand, 3 is worse than 4 and 2 or less are more preference hands than anything.

How did you compile the information for this chart? We took 7 already designed playing systems that tell you what to fold in LATE POSITION then threw every hand that wasn’t a fold in late position on a giant list and went hand by hand determining how many ‘votes’ each hand received. Our judges systems ranged from incredibly tight (a whole 29 hands to work with) all the way up to 86 hands. Here’s the breakdown: 29; 42; 50; 68; 84; 84; 86. Now these hands don’t come with an instruction manual so play them at your own risk. Just because 7 poker systems included the hand doesn’t mean it’s the best hand in the world. A5 suited for example was on everyone’s list simply because you can make a straight or a flush with it (if you get lucky enough to catch that kind of flop). There is no real order to the list other than how many votes each hand received and was placed on the table randomly solely because we placed each hand according to when we ran across it on our cross out sheet.

Keep in mind there are 169 different starting hands in Texas hold em and our list has 106 of them. Pick and choose from the list above and create your own favorite hands list. Study the 106 hands above as well. If your opponent is a statistics player he will most likely be playing with a good portion of the hands above and nothing else. Statistics players usually don’t stray into 72 off suit territory making huge raises like some aggressive players do. One of our editors is famous for making huge raises (as well as making incredible straight flushes and such) with 73 in fake money games online. Granted it is fake money but its still funny.

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