Taking a Stab

People often use the term “stab at the pot” which just means to take a shot at it. The second spot to mention involves the times when I had nothing on the flop. I chose not to cbet and they checked as well. Most of the time I will be OOP when I do this but occasionally I will be in IP as well.

You should take a stab at the pot on the turn a decent amount of the time. It depends a lot on the turn card though. If it is one of the cards that hits our perceived range (i.e. a broadway), then I will usually fire 60% of the pot or so. If it is another one of those middling cards that hits their range, I will usually just give up on the hand.

I should mention that position does matter quite a bit though as well. I will be much more willing to take a shot at the pot when I am IP. This is working off the (usually correct) assumption that people just don’t check twice with anything good. So you can usually take down the pot pretty easily regardless of what you have.


In the SB you have,

You raise and get called by an SLP in the BB. The flop comes,

You check and he checks. The turn comes,

You should bet.

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