Given that he seems so fit/fold postflop you can defenitly raise here. I don’t expect him to shove over minraises a lot either so you can try stealing a lot vs this opponent.

I think you want to keep this opponent in preflop so I would just make it 150 here. He’s not tricky and we have a little more room to manoeuvre postflop.

Again, really passive how you played this hand. I would make it 150 again preflop and expect to get called by a ton worse.

Flop is fine if you check though, given that he bets any piece/draw so far and if he has nothing he checks anyway so yeah. Turnbet is unnecessary once flop goes check/check imo, he just has nothing and it’s really unlikely he has a hand he can call turn with, let alone call turn AND river with on this board. Just check, hope he hits a pair on river and try to get a small bet there.

Preflop fine obv vs him. However, although I’m sure this is a checkback/give up vs a ton of players, this particular opponent just seems to lead out with a made hand a decent percentage and still defends with some more marginal hands so I think cbetting is in order here. You don’t have a lot of equity when getting called but betting 100-120 here seems fine and he will defenitly fold enough of the time to make it ev+. If you don’t cbet I think turn is a clear fold, you be drawing very thin/dead here and he doesn’t seem like the person to lead with a weak range or with draws here. You only have 3rd pair and most rivers will suck basically and his betting is ranged towards better made hands a ton if you ask me. Either cbet and give up or just give up from flop (unless you turn a K obv).

I’m not saying you should lead out here, but you should defenitly see it as an option. IMO too much people expect villain to “cbet” (there hasn’t been a raise preflop so you can’t really talk about cbetting) while this is not standard for a lot of villains and sometimes it’s just better to lead out. Here it can go either way, since he checked down T-high before I don’t mind just c/f’ing. You haven’t lead out in any spot before, I don’t advise it TOO much but defenitly see it as something you should try implementing in your game.

I think you can profitably cbet any type of board vs this opponent, though I can see why you checked back here and would do it myself a decent percentage of the time. Thing is he will be floating wide-ish here (any pair, openender, gutshot, and probably overcards too) but he will unlikely bluff them as far as we know, but in general his callingrange will consist of more pairhands than draws here. If you check back flop I don’t mind the turnbet, since he’s now very likely to be folding his weak/marginal pairs anyway.

Given stacksizes, I think leading flop and shipping every good turn is by far best play. Even if you don’t lead out flop a lot in limped pots, I would’ve expected that you do it at least in some spots with hands like this when it’s a raised pot. Board is really drawy and there’s defenitly a ton of hands he’s calling with that we’re in decent shape against.

Turn obv is a c/f, so is river imo. I really really doubt he is ever bluffing here, or valuebetting a worse hand even… You only need to be good once every 4 times but you really don’t get there vs this opponent.

Well, he’s really easy to play postflop, but imo this is a fold preflop. I know I advised you to call with the T5s but you got better odds there, and blinds were lower so effective stacks deeper than here. 65o is really a marginal hand and you can’t expect him to c/f the flop as often as he did here. You only have a little over 2 potsized bets left postflop, which is too little for a hand like 65o.

Interesting hand here. Preflop looks fine, given you checked so much and that he folded to the one time you raised, I think raising here would be fine too.

Flop you can again, lead out, don’t fall into the habbit of autochecking flop. Given you checked each time before, I would lead out here some percentage of the time at least. Turn is a good card fire with some equity, yeah, he’s defenitly folding some Kx/Ax hands here so leading looks good.

River I would make a fake blocking bet fwiw. I’d expect him to bet Jx or 8x a bunch on the flop, so he either has Tx/9x/KT/flushdraw/Qx here. Just make a small bet, like 90 or something, and let him fold his chops or better hands (KXcc for example). This move doesn’t need to work too much for it to be profitable and he will have a busted draw enough of the time and will rarely bluffraise you.


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