Recognizing that Internet Poker Is Still Poker

Even if you’ve “mastered” brick-and-mortar play, you can’t simply walk in and take all the virtual candy from the online brats. You’ll likely come screen to screen with some pretty savvy players. But coming out on top of your favorite game is certainly possible, and to do that you need to know your Poker theory.

The most important thing to understand about Internet Poker is that you’re still playing Poker.

With very few exceptions, nearly all the Poker theory you already know and have gleaned over your life applies in the virtual world. You must deal with nuances and fine points, yes, but Poker is Poker, no matter the form or forum.

If you’re looking for general Poker theory, head to Book 2. If you aren’t familiar with the nuances of Poker itself, you should read and study up on general theory first before you play online.

In any betting situation, the key to winning is being more informed than your opponent. If you fail to read up on Poker theory, the players who aren’t so cavalier will beat you in the long run.

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