Now let’s get down to business. As I said before while preflop play is reasonably important, the real money is won (or lost) in no limit hold’em after the flop. And quite frankly, I think postflop play is just a lot more interesting.

If there is one thing that we know by now it is this.

At the micros your opponents will often make horrific mistakes after the flop.

This is probably the single biggest reason why it is possible to maintain an absurd winrate at these stakes. They will routinely bet far too little (or not at all) when they should be making a big bet. They will fire again and again or even overbet when they shouldn’t be betting at all. They will regularly call or raise when they should be folding. And they will often fold when they should be calling or raising. You get the idea. They do a lot of stuff completely backwards!

Fish make these kinds of mistakes no matter what limit you are playing. The great thing about the micros however is that many of the regs and SLPs make these same mistakes as well.

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