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•5 Card Draw •Lowball
•7 Card Stud •Razz

•5 Card Stud
•Soko (Canadian Stud) •Pineapple
•A.C Triple Flop

5 Card Draw

In 5 card draw you place your ante and or blind (depending on if its just blinds, just antes, or both) to receive your cards. Each player looks at their hand to decide whether or not to bet. After every player has called or folded you trade in cards to the dealer to improve your hand. Depending on the house rules you are playing under (ask to make sure) you can receive anywhere from 0 to 5 new cards. Some players have learned you can only receive 4 new cards and that is ONLY if you have an ace. It’s best to check and make sure before you begin playing. After you receive your new cards another round of betting takes place and a winner is revealed.

Variations: Lowball/Triple Draw, however hand rankings are reversed. (No pair is better than 4 of a kind.)

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Please note that we did not create this java script game, it was freeware we found on the net. For some reason the creator of the game mixed up the hand rankings and placed a full house BELOW a flush and a straight. Be aware of this before playing.


Lowball is played just like 5 card draw with 5 cards dealt face down. You are trying to draw to the best possible low hand. You may draw up to 4 cards (you can receive 5 cards but 4 will be dealt to you first then your 5th card will be received after everyone else has their requested cards.) Depending on the game A5 Lowball (California Lowball) does not have straights or flushes work against you and an ace qualifies as low. In 27 Lowball (Kansas City Lowball) straights and flushes DO work against you and an ace is always high. In Triple Draw you draw 3 times. There are many other rules to the game including kill pots, cards dealt face up, and required betting when holding a specific hand. Robert’s Rules of Poker includes all these rules. You can check out the book at

7 Card Stud

In 7 card stud everyone places an ante. You are dealt 3 cards, 2 of which are face down and 1 is face up. The player with the smallest upcard is forced to make a “Bring In” bet, which is simply half the current blind (in a 2/4 game the bring in would be 1). If 2 players have the same upcard SUIT comes into play. Spades are the highest suit, then hearts, diamonds, and clubs are lowest. Every player then can either match the Bring In bet or “Complete” the bet by raising up to 2 (the current blind for that level). After everyone has folded or called another card is placed face up. If anyone has a pair showing you can bet double the current blind (4) or simply bet 2. If someone bets 4 all following calls/raises must be in the new increment. If no one has a pair showing then the bet level will stay at the current blind. After everyone has called/folded 1 more card is placed face up. The minimum bet has now increased as well (from 2 to 4) regardless of whether or not a pair is on board. After all the calling/folding 1 more card is placed face up to give you 6 cards in total. Call/Fold. 1 final card is placed face DOWN, betting occurs and a winner is declared.


Razz is played exactly like 7- Card Stud. However, just as Lowball is to 5 card Draw Razz is to 7 Card Stud. The object of the game is to get the best possible LOW HAND you can. Unlike 7-Card Stud H/L (8b) there is NO low qualifier so a 9, 10, or even King high could take the pot, as well as a pair even.

5 Card Stud

5 Card Stud is typically played the same as 7 card stud with an ante and bring in system. 2 cards are dealt 1 face down and 1 face up. Depending on whose making the rules either the low card or high card will bring in first. Round of betting, 1 more card face up. Another round of betting, 1 card face up. At this point you have 4 cards. On the fourth card the minimum limit increases to the big bet (in 2/4 the limit would now be 4 for the 4th and 5th cards.) Round of betting. Final card is placed face up.

Variations: Your 2nd or 5th card can be dealt face down giving you 2 down cards and 3 up cards.

Would you like to play 5 card stud online for free without downloading any software? We have it in java script form. Play 5 card stud in java script today.

Please note that we did not create this game, it was downloaded freeware. The creator of the game mixed up the hand rankings and has a full house BELOW a flush and a straight. Be aware of this when placing bets.

Soko (Canadian Stud)

Soko is played with an ante and bring in system. In Soko the player with the HIGHEST card brings in first (2x the ante typically). You receive your first 2 cards 1 face up and 1 face down. After the bring in, calling, folding 1 more card is placed face up. Betting. Another face up card. Betting. Final card is face up. The difference between Soko and other card games is that 4 card flushes and straights will BEAT 1 pair. 2 pair beat 4 card straight and flushes and the rest of the hand values for other games is exactly the same.


Pineapple is played exactly like Texas Hold Em except you receive 3 card before the flop instead of 2 (if compairing it to Omaha you get 1 less card.) There are 2 variations to Pineapple 1 is Regular Pineapple the other is 2 Crazy Pineapple. The only difference between the 2 games is when you discard 1 of your 3 hole cards. In Regular this is done before viewing the flop, in Crazy it is done after.

Variations: There are a couple new games sweeping the nation that are similiar in style to Pineapple. 1 of them is known to us as Irish Omaha (we don’t know the ‘working title’ of the game but that was the name introduced to us) in which you receive 4 down cards and discard 2 of them after viewing the flop. The game could be played exactly the same by discarding 2 of them before viewing the flop. The final variation (we’ve seen this on a few websites) would be 4 hole cards, discard 1 pre flop and discard 1 more on the flop. All 3 games would then be played exactly like Texas Hold Em.

A.C Triple Flop

A.C Triple Flop has 4 betting rounds and 2 down cards just like Texas Hold Em. You must use BOTH your hole cards in combination with three on the board for a winning hand just like Omaha. There are a total of 6 community cards dealt two at a time. There is a “Buy A Card” Option that must be decided on before beginning play. If there are no complaints (or the majority says yes and no one whines for hours) players may buy 1 optional down card before the final round of betting giving your final flop 2 up and 1 down for a total of 7 cards on the board. The “Buy A Card” cost will be kept separate (side pot) if all the players in the hand do not pay for the Option. The inventor of the game suggests playing with the “Buy A Card” Option in Limit Games and the cost of the Option to be no less than double the maximum bet for games of 6 / 12 and below (so the minimum Buy A Card price would be 24 in this case) and decided upon beforehand for higher Limit Games. To Visit The A.C Triple Flop Website visit

Casino Poker Games

  • 3 Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks Or Better

3 Card Poker

3 card poker is a table casino game that is played against the dealer. For starters every player must place an ante. If you believe your hand is good enough to beat the dealer you place a bet equal to or greater than the ante on the PLAY wager. If not you may fold. If you want to play YOUR HAND ONLY place a bet on the PAIR PLUS wager. Or you can play both. You have to place 3 bets for this (Ante, Play Plus, and Play) or else you forfeit your Ante and Play Plus wagers. Depending on the casino payouts may vary (these payouts are from the Barona Casino in Lakeside, CA which can be visited online at

  • Player Folds: Lose
  • Dealer Does Not Qualify: Play is a push and Ante is 1 to 1
  • Dealer Qualifies and Player Beats Dealer: Play is 1 to 1, Ante is 1 to 1

o Dealer Qualifies with Q high or better

  • Tie: Push
  • Ante Bonus Payouts (When Wagering Against A Dealer)

o Straight : 1 to 1

o 3ofAKind:4to1

o Straight Flush: 5 to 1 • Pair Plus Payouts

o Pair:1to1
o Flush: 4 to 1
o Straight: 6 to 1
o 3ofaKind:30to1
o Straight Flush: 40 to 1

• Hand Rankings
1. Straight Flush

2. 3ofaKind 3. Straight
4. Flush
5. Pair

6. Ace High
Ace is always high unless combined with 2 3 for an A 2 3 straight

Caribbean Stud Poker

This game is played against a dealer. To begin you place an ante bet to receive your cards. The dealer gives every player at the table 5 cards as well as himself. The dealer will then turn over 1 of his cards and its your turn to bet or surrender. A bet is double the size of the ante. The dealer must hold an ace and a king or better for his hand to qualify. If the dealer does qualify you hold a pair you will only get back your ante (one of our editors played Caribbean Stud Poker in Poland, they called it Las Vegas Poker, he lost all his chips due to not understanding the whole pair deal) but if you hold anything better than a pair you will be payed depending on the structure.

Want to try your luck at Caribbean Stud Poker for free without downloading any software? has Caribbean Stud Poker in java format.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a 5 card draw slot machine game where the object is to get 2 pair or better for a structured payout. The payouts are listed on the machine’ main screen. As the title suggests Deuces are wild.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a 5 card draw slot machine game where the object is to get a pair of jacks or better for a structured payout listed on the machine.

Would You Like To Play Jacks Or Better For Free Without Downloading Any Software? We have a Java version you can play for free by clicking

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