Playing the River in Razz

If you bought a ticket to the river in Razz, you probably have a good read on your oppo- nent’s hand and figure to have them beat or to have the odds in favor of you making your draw. As in seven-card Stud high-low, you should check for board lock, where your hand at least ties the best possible hand your opponent can have. Of course, with three hidden cards that could be A23, you could always be in trouble. Just remember that you read low hands from the highest card to the lowest card, so an 86543 beats an 8732A. In general, you should bet if you hit your draw or figure to have the best hand, raise if your opponent bets into you and they need two or more perfect cards in the hole to beat you, and fold if you missed your draw or if you figure your opponent has you locked out.

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