I have experimented widely with over-cbetting at NL2 with big hands against bad players. That is, betting more than 100%. I have worked a lot with 125% and 150% for instance. I am unclear on the results as it is difficult to quantify. There are definitely situations where I do believe that it is more profitable than a standard bet however. There are certain players who will not fold for any amount, especially if you have been winning a lot of pots off of them as of late. Always remember that this is no limit hold’em and you aren’t bound by any rules.

One particular spot where bad players will not fold is on a bingo board such as,

They absolutely hate to fold almost anything on this flop and if they have a pair, they are not going anywhere for any amount. So I will often overbet cbet here with TT+. This gets more money in the middle before a scare card potentially kills my action. It also allows me to get deeper stacks in the middle by the river.

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