Odds For The Following Events

Being Dealt

After Being Dealt A Pocket Pair

Please note that trips or better by the river includes other opponents beating you with a better hand. You may make trips on the river but they may make 4 of a kind. Flopping a full house doesn’t put you in winning shape either. Your opponent may have flopped a better full house (example. you hold 77 flop comes 7AA. Your opponent holds A7. Best example of this would be the opening scene in Rounders.) Flopping 4 of a kind is the only hand on the list that ALMOST guarantees victory but could lose to a straight flush if you play too slow and allow your opponent to beat you (4 Jacks lost to one of our editors’ Royal Flush on the river)

Big Slick

Holding 2 Unsuited Non Paired Cards You Will Flop (using 1 or more hole cards)

Odds of Flop Being

% Your Opponents Do Not Have An Ace Preflop

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