It’s worth talking a little about how to approach online poker and the ability that comes with it to play as many tables as you like. There are a couple of different issues here. One is that playing more than one table is good because then you play more hands overall, face more decisions and thus gain experience faster. On the other hand if you play too many tables this advantage is negated because the action will move too fast for you to think about hands and actu‐ ally learn from them.

It’s best to start out with one or two tables when new to online poker to just become accustomed with the game. With more experience it’s important to add more tables not only for the simple reason that it creates a higher win rate but also for the reasons mentioned above. However, even if your highest win rate might be achieved with ten tables, you should reject this option. In the short run it might make you more money, but the fact is it will slow your learning down and so you will improve less and move up in stakes more slowly. The key is to find a good balance – but if in doubt the focus should al‐ ways be on learning and getting better for the future.

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