I don’t want to talk too much about monsters (quads or better) because they are pretty rare and you don’t really need my help to tell you what to do with them. However there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

I am just going to fast forward to the river because for the most part you should always be slowplaying these hands. You have the deck crushed so hard that it just doesn’t really make sense to bet or raise on earlier streets.

River shoves into tiny pots with your monsters can definitely help your winrate when done correctly. You need to always remember that at the micros people don’t like to fold. And they especially don’t like to fold two pair or better. And this is especially the case with fish. So sometimes it is better to just shove on an action river card than to bet a normal amount because they will call either amount.


You have,

and the board is,

A fish or SLP has been firing little probing bets throughout the hand. You should go all in.

It is much better to just go all in on this river even though there is hardly anything in the pot at all. Bad players at the micros won’t fold a 5 here and they definitely won’t fold a flush. But they often won’t re-raise with either of those hands either. So you should overbet shove and give them the opportunity to make a huge mistake. You will be surprised at how often an enormous pot gets shipped your way.

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