You will see a lot of minimum bets in these games. And you need to approach them quite a bit differently than a normal bet. Min bets are almost always made by bad players who don’t understand even the most basic mathematical concepts in poker. In fact they are a dead giveaway to a recreational player. You can give them the fish tag right away. Min bets create a situation where they are technically “betting” but it’s kind of like the little tiny dog who barks a lot. There is no substance behind it. We can correctly call with any two cards.

My basic approach versus min bets however is to just ignore them. If somebody min bets into me I will just pretend that they checked.


In LP you have,

You raise and get called by a fish in the BB. The flop comes,

He leads for the minimum.
You should ignore this and make your standard 60% of the pot cbet.

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