Middle, M: 2-3


How did you let yourself get here??!!???!! Hopefully you had no control over this. When in this stage you’re in big trouble. You need to double up twice now instead of only once to get back in the game. At the same time, the blinds are closing in and you will be eliminated very soon if you don’t act.

Raising 3BB or All-in?:

All-in only.

Pre-flop Starting Hands:

Limping Hands – late position No limping

All-in Hands

From any position(no one entered the pot yet):
You should push all-in with any K9+, Any pair, Any A8+, any 89s+ , any Axs. You need to get lucky. First chance at betting you should do it. One problem at this stage is that people will still be betting/raising around you. You want to be the first one in so you take any chance you can get to push allin.

Facing a raise (you haven’t acted yet) Call with any AJ+, any pair.

Facing a raise (you have acted already)

Shouldn’t happen since we are pushing all-in only. If someone reraises behind us, we have no decision to make – hope to get lucky!

Blind Stealing (button or one off button) Play as stated above.

Blind Defense (from big blind – small blind is stealing)

If you are in the big blind, and in this spot, you are committed to the pot. Call any bet made into you. If someone checks, reraise all-in. This is your time to take a stand with any 2 cards. You are pot commited.

Post-flop Play (flop,turn,river):

No rules – won’t happen. You are allin.

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