Late, M: 6-9


Not a bad spot to be in. You have kept your stack big and should make it to the bubble as long as you don’t do anyting dumb. Now that the blinds are 200/100, we can move all-in more often making many rules simpler to follow.

Raising 3BB or All-in?:

You really shouldn’t raise 3BB at al in this stage. If you do, you are pot commited. Your move will be all-in or don’t play. The only exception is if you’re in the SB or making a 1.5 x BB steal attempt.

Pre-flop Starting Hands:

Limping Hands – late position

No limping(instead of limping, you will either go all-in or raise to steal the blinds)..

All-in Hands (we don’t want anyone to call)

From early position (right after the blinds): Push all-in with AK or JJ+.

From middle position : Push all-in with AK or TT+.

From late/button position :
Push all-in with AQ+ or 88+.
You are allowed to attempt a Blind Steal: 1.5 X BB with the following hands: AT, AJ, 22-77, KQ. Make a small raise (1.5BB) and hope everyone folds. If someone calls, push all-in if you made a pair, otherwise check it down or fold. If you raise 1.5xBB and they reraise all-in you have a very tough decision. In this case however, I would probably fold unless I had a pocket pair .

From small blind position :

If you have AT+ or any pair, push all-in to steal the blinds. Only do this if there are no limpers! Otherwise, follow same rules as late/button for blind steal: 1.5x BB play: Make this 1.5xBB raise with AT, AJ, 22-77, KQ, KJ, QJ.

Facing a raise (you haven’t acted yet)

AK or JJ+: You may use the Standard Reraise: ALL-IN play.

Blind Stealing (button or one off button) See comments from above.

Blind Defense (from big blind – small blind is stealing) See facing a raise.

Other Pre-Flop Plays/Comments

You are allowed to make the Small Blind Play: Call any half bet from small blind if one or more limpers exist. You are hoping to trap someone and get a lucky double up. Again, check down/fold if your hand doesn’t improve after the flop. Take a stab at the pot if the opponents stack is about 1000 and he’s checking to you.

Post-flop Play (flop,turn,river):

Most of the time at this stage post-flop, you will have pushed all- in. Because of this there are no rules for post-flop play. Refer to the previous section for details if you find yourself having to make a decision post flop. It is relatively straight forward however. All-in if you have top pair or a good drawing hand. Otherwise – check it down or play passive.

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