LA (Look-up Artist)

One of my favorite opponents to face is the look-up artist. They’re an opponent who will call a flop bet (usually in position) in the hopes that you will check the turn for them so they can steal the pot. This is sometimes also referred to as “floating” the flop. These opponents will not be readily easy to spot, so they take some concerted effort to pinpoint. You’ll have to pay attention to the opponents who are calling a LOT of flop bets, but they’ll fold to a second bullet (or they’ll bet when checked to them nearly always).

Once you believe you have discovered a look-up artist, try and exploit their weakness by doing the following:

  1. If you raise with an unpaired hand before the flop and miss the flop, you can make a standard continuation bet, but try and make it on the smaller side. Then be prepared to fire a second bullet—but make sure that you are always thinking about how the texture of the flop fits your opponent’s hand, and whether you can represent properly the hand you’re trying to represent.
  2. Secondly, if you flop a big hand, make a continuation bet, this time on the slightly larger side, and then check the turn to them (if they have position). If you have two pair or better you can either call their bet on the turn, or if the flop texture has some probable draws or potentially could get ugly, then come in for a decent sized check- raise.

Make sure that if you’ve made these plays more than once against the same opponent that you occasionally mix up your play because they’ll obviously start to become aware of what you’re doing. This is particularly true with how you are sizing your flop bet. If you bet on the light side with your missed hand, and larger with your connected hands, then make sure one time you switch these up. Obviously if opponents are looking to call a lot of bets (particularly in position) on the flop, then they are thinking about the game and what you’re doing. Thinking opponents are aware and may get a read on your play. More importantly some of these players may even make a multiple street bluff by raising the turn with a wide range. So you need to pay careful attention and make sure to target most of the players that are calling the flop, but folding the turn.

A majority of LAs will be making these plays when they have position on you. Sometimes though there are some really bad LAs that will do this out of position with almost any two cards (usually with ace high). If you notice that an opponent will also call flop bets out of position, but fold to a turn bet, then make sure you fire second bullets liberally when you have position.

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