Fearless Play

When is this used?

Fearless play is used when you have an incredible risk/reward ratio. For example, if you are in CASE1 and you are the big stack, you can play fearless against player D. It really is another way of saying the 5x call rule. If he pushes all-in and you have 89s, you can call him. You know he is under pressure so he could be raising with anything in most cases. You are probably a 40/60 underdog and have a chance at growing your stack to be in great position for 1st place, and knocking him out – guaranteeing an ITM payment for yourself and the others at the table. Even if you lose, you will still have over 5000 chips (still top stack and still a threat to all others at the table). So you can therefore play fearless against player D.

Plays allowed: Total bluff, check it down and allin.

How to play it

You will put immense pressure on this player any time you have the chance. You will call his all-ins, raise his blinds, etc.

Call his allin?

You will call his allins with 89o+, any pair, any face card, any two suited. If his stack is 10% of yours or less, you will call him with any two cards (even 72o or 23o).

He’s big blind, you are small blind
If he is in the big blind, you will raise his blind with any two cards from the small blind. Raise it enough to put him allin.

He’s big blind, you are late or on the button
You can still raise with any pair, any AT+ or KJ+. You want to put pressure on him at all chances you have. If there is another big stack to act behind you, make a single bet raise. This is common for online players to do. By making this small raise, you can get out if the big stack who needs to act still reraises all-in. You can then fold and let him take out the short stack. Don’t get too crazy with trying to attack the big blind (fearless). If others are still to act, make a min raise to try and get him. If the button or small blind don’t have a hand, they will gladly let you take out the short stack and fold. If they push back, they really do have a hand – so get out of the way unless you have a monster hand yourself AA/KK.

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