Early, M: 10-19


Bad position. You somehow managed to lose over half of your chips. To be in this spot in the early phase means that you probably got real unlucky. Perhaps you had AK, flop came Axx. You bet someone reraised and you called- both checked it down. They had 2 pair and cut your stack in half. This will happen however it is really a case of bad luck in the early stage. This should not happen too often. If it does, reexamine your starting hand requirements. You are probably seeing the flop way too much!

Raising 3BB or All-in?:

At this stage, you can still get away with raising 3BB. Be prepared to have to call an all-in though. At this point you will need to double up again at some point in the tourney to get back into it. You still have lots of time though. The blinds are still small M:10-20 so you don’t need to rush anything. Play solid and tight still.

Pre-flop Starting Hands:

Limping Hands – all positions AT, AJ, AQ: Same as M: 20+

22-88: Same as M: 20+
Any two face cards suited: Same as M: 20+

Raising Hands (don’t want an all-in) AK, 99-QQ: Same as M: 20+

Raising Hands (we want an all-in) AA and KK: Same as M: 20+

Facing a raise (you haven’t acted yet)

AK or 99+: Reraise all-in. Our stack is fairly small now and we need an easy double up. Since our stack is small, the raiser will probably call your all-in. We have FOLD equity and the chance we’ll win if he calls (hopefully he is dominated or we have an overpair on him).

Facing a raise (you have acted already) ATs, AJs: Call.

99+, AQs, AK: Reraise all-in. More than likely they are calling.

Blind Stealing (button or one off button)

Don’t do it: Same as M: 20+

Blind Defense (from big blind – small blind is stealing)

You are allowed to use the Blind Defense: 3BB Reraise. You want to establish yourself as a blind defender early on if possible. Your stack is lower, but they will still probably fold. If they reraise all-in, call with AT+, 99+.

Other Pre-Flop Plays/Comments Same as M: 20+

You are allowed to make the Small Blind Play: Call any half bet from small blind if one or more limpers exist. You are hoping to trap someone and get a lucky double up.

Post-flop Play (flop,turn,river):

Same as M: 20+ Rules *No difference

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