Do or Die, M: 2-4


This is the more interesting situation you will find yourself in. Usually there is one big stack (5000+, two of these types of stacks, and two

small stacks). The objective here is to keep pressure on the small stacks and avoid the big stack if possible. Also, its ok to play against the other medium stack opponent aggressively. He is probably going to fold to most of your raises unless he has an incredible hand. It’s the big stack you want to avoid.

Raising 3BB or All-in?:

ALLin only.

Pre-flop Starting Hands:

Limping Hands – late position

No limping(instead of limping, you will either go all-in or raise to steal the blinds)..

All-in Hands (we don’t want anyone to call)

From early – middle – late position (right after the blinds): Push all-in with AQ+, KQ, or any pair. This is aggressive but you need to keep afloat. If no one has entered the pot yet – you must push all in with these..

From small blind position :

If the big blind is the big stack or is about 2x bigger than you. Don’t mess with him unless you have a premium hand AK, QQ+. Otherwise, if it’s a short stack or middle stack like you, push all in with AT+ or any pair, QJ+.

Facing a raise (you haven’t acted yet)

AQ+ or JJ+: You may use the Standard Reraise: ALL-IN play.

Blind Stealing (button or one off button) See comments from above.

Blind Defense (from big blind – small blind is stealing) See facing a raise.

Post-flop Play (flop,turn,river):

Shouldn’t have to make any decisions post flop.

Do or Die, M: 1


You are in trouble obviously. You need a double up. Attack any player with any hand at this point. In fact, it is best to attack a big stack who is in the blind if you have a decent hand. The reason why is that it is more likely you will be heads up with him. If you attack a small stack (like you), other people will jump on this as an opportunity to take out 2 people with very little risk to their own stack or tournament placing. So.. attack the big stack if possible, otherwise play the first decent hand you have. Once you are in the blind you are committed and need to get lucky.

Raising 3BB or All-in?:

You are going all-in only (obvious right?)

Pre-flop Starting Hands:

All-in Hands

Go allin with any pair, any QJ+, any suited connector 45s+, any You need to get lucky and double up. In many ways the 89s is ideal for this case. The bad thing about Axs is that many people will call with An ace. You wil be dominated in many cases. If you have 89s, you are almost a coin flip vs an Ace. If your domintated its around 30/70 odds for you.

Also, if you are in the big blind you play any hand you have no matter what. Reraise all-in and hope for the best. You do this because you are pot commited. If you start with 1000 chips and the blind comes you are left with 600 if you fold. The sb is next so you’ll only have 400 by the time its done. You need to take your chance when you still have the big blind in the pot as equity. If you get lucky – BOOM! Your back in the tourney.

Post-flop Play (flop,turn,river):

No play required here. All-in only.

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