Delayed Cbet

There are two final spots to discuss here which were already touched upon in the flop section. The first one involves the times where we didn’t cbet the flop with a mediocre strength hand. As discussed I will do this with my middle pair and even some top pair no kicker type hands, especially when I am OOP and up against an aggressive opponent. I do this because my hand can’t stand a raise, but I can certainly check/call and allow them to bet with worse.

So if they do bet I will call on the flop and just re-evaluate on the turn. If they can make a big bet again, I will probably let them have it. If it goes check/check on the flop however, I will bet the turn for value. If they raise the turn I will usually fold. One of the benefits of the delayed cbet is that people are less likely to bluff raise it. They seem to give it more credit in my experience. I think if you do get raised and your mediocre hand has not improved, you can safely fold.


In MP you have,

You raise and get called by a fish in LP. The flop comes,

You check and he checks. The turn comes,

You should bet.

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