Cbet Amounts

At the micros I use 3 different cbet sizings. You do not have to use these exact cbet amounts but I have found that they work fairly well. If you use a software tool like table ninja, then you will be able to have a preset amount show up in the bet box. However, it might only limit you to a single bet sizing. I just make use of Pokerstars custom bet buttons as shown below.

Before I go into the numbers I want to briefly go over why I use several different cbet amounts. As I alluded to earlier, at the micros I work off the assumption that people in general aren’t really paying that much attention to little subtleties like how much I am betting. They are often viewing my actions more in the black and white sense of bet made or bet not made. Almost like it is in limit hold’em.

At higher limits a common topic of discussion is “balance” or “balancing your range.” Balance refers to having a wide range in any given situation by making the same action with your air, mediocre and monster hands. This is an important part of your game at these limits because players are much more acutely focused on many aspects of your play. And you don’t want to give anything away about the strength of your hand.

At the micros, this just isn’t the case. There isn’t enough money involved for most people to care, and they aren’t thinking along these terms yet anyways. So I think that you should absolutely exploit this by betting large when you have it and betting small when you don’t.

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