dboy:*Hey Jimmy, what are you up to?*
Little Jimmy:*Playing HU sngs LDO.*
d:*Whoa there Jimmy, thats a $33+$1.50*
lj:*Yeah I know can beat this level!*
d:*That’s great Jimmy, but you’re BR is only $53.72* lj:*Omg hacker. Well what level should I play?* d:*Let’s take a look at some options.*

So you want to build a roll playing HU sngs?

BR management is absolutely key. Consider using one of the following BR management rulesets.

Option #1

Best Option if:

You can’t stand or would prefer not to have to move down levels. You like to have a very padded roll to feel comfortable playing. Losing a decent portion of your BR tilts you.
You are still learning how to own HUSNGs and you aren’t quite comfortable playing them yet.

BR:$30 – $99

Play $2s

BR:$100 – $199

Play $5s

BR:$200 – $399

Play $10s

BR:$400 – $599

Play $20s

BR:$600 – $999

Play $30s

BR:$1000 – $2499

Play $50s


Play $100s

Option #2

Best Option if:

You are fine with having to move down.
You want to move up the ranks semi-quickly.

BR:$20 – $49 Play $2s

BR:$50 – $99 Play $5s

BR:$100 – $199 Play $10s

BR:$200 – $299 Play $20s

BR:$300 – $499 Play $30s

BR:$500 – $999 Play $50s

BR:$1000+ Play $100s

Option #3

Best Option if

You are comfortable playing and adjusting to any stakes and player.
You are or have good reason to believe you are a solid winner. (Think 63%+ winrate here)

You have very minimal tilt issues.
You want to take on a bit more risk and build a roll quickly. You are ok with having to redeposit if you bust early on.

BR:$10 – $24 Play $2s

BR:$25 – $49 Play $5s

BR:$50 – $99 Play $10s

BR:$100 – $149 Play $20s

BR:$150 – $249 Play $30s

BR:$250 – $499 Play $50s

BR:$500+ Play $100s

Beware of option 3. A 15 buyin downswing (although rare) will knock you down through 3 levels. But something else to consider is that if you believe yourself to be +EV at the 100s, then it might be +EV to sacrifice a little risk of ruin in order to get up to that level. There is an opportunity cost of sticking around at the lower levels for a long time.

So that is something to think about. I like option 2 and think it is a nice balance. I have used option 2 to build a roll from the 5s up to the 50s twice with no problems. Option 3 definitely has some gamble in it, but the reward to the +EV player is definitely worth the risk. That said, if you can’t redeposit you should not consider option 3.

Option 1 is more for helping a player who is more prone to tilt. It causes less dramatic BR swings and should keep you more cool in your sessions. It will definitely take longer to reach the higher buyin games, but if you are highly prone to tilt it may be the best option for you.

– Dboy23

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