Ax (Will play an ace from anywhere)

There are many opponents at small and micro stakes that will play an ace (and any other card) from any position. They’ll limp A4o from early position, or call a raise with A6o out of position. They’ll also tend to be “sticky” to these top pair hands if an ace flops. These players you want to note for a couple of reasons.

  1. It will give you some insight into how they think about the game. Meaning you know this opponent is over valuing hands that really aren’t that strong. So when you have a modest hand, and they are still involved in the pot with you, there’s still a very good chance you have the best hand.
  2. If you’re in a pot with them and have a high pocket pair, but an ace flops and they give you action, you can be nearly 100% sure you’re beat.
  3. When you flop an ace with a good kicker, you’ll know that they’ll pay you off with a weaker kicker, so get a lot of value bets in.
  1. Be aware of these opponents and make sure to steer clear of them if

there’s an ace on the flop. At the same time, if there’s an ace on the flop and you hit a nice hand like two pair or better, make sure to do your best to formulate a plan to get all the money in the middle. Remember, opponents who play weak aces a lot tend to be in love with these hands. They are playing them for a reason, and that reason is primarily because they believe that if they flop top pair they’ll have the best hand.

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