AA Hand Matchups

Pocket Pairs

From the top 24 starting hands (AK, AQ, AJ, etc)

Random Hands We Picked To Go Heads Up

This is the reason to raise preflop with AA

6 Handed Game

80% to 35% huh? Still want to avoid raising pre flop with AA? QJ off suit now has a 3% higher chance to win the pot than when it was only heads up with the AA.

10 Handed Game

Its winning percentage went from averaging a little better than 80% all the way down to 25% in a 10-player game.

Also look at the drawing power of the connected cards that aren’t even suited. 98 has a great chance to win this pot, its only 10% the AA!
If the 98 off suit flops an 8 out straight it actually becomes favored over the AA. Ironically a flop containing both a T and a 7 (giving the T7 two pair) places T7 at a disadvantage against the 8 out 98 straight draw.

When we change 1 event preflop(98 off suit to 98 suited) everyone else loses half a percent or so and 98 moves from a 15.79% shot to pick up the pot all the way up to 19.48%, now less than 10% away from the AA preflop.

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