4bets are pretty rare at the microstakes with all the passive play but they do happen from time to time. I would strongly advise against any sort of sillyness with 4bets. You should be 4betting with the nuts only (AA, KK) the vast majority of the time.

Do not 4bet bluff at the micros.

It is totally unnecessary for your image. Remember you don’t need an image at the micros. Nobody is paying any attention. And it is like lighting money on fire due to their narrow 3bet range. Lastly, they will call 4bets routinely and often call down with any piece of the board.

Against all opponents at the micros except maniacs I will pretty much only get two hands in preflop against them for 100bb, AA and KK.

Aggressive TAGs, who I have some history with, might be a slight exception. Sometimes you should get QQ or AK all in preflop against them as well. But position also matters a lot here.

Remember our discussion about how ranges change given somebody’s position at the table? Assume that a TAG player might be aware of this as well. If he is 3betting your EP open, this is a lot different than if he is 3betting your LP open. This is because he knows that your range is a lot lighter in LP and he will therefore take it down much more often. But these situations are still pretty rare at these stakes anyways.

And maniacs, well, they are a different story completely of course but also very rare. I will have a whole section on them later.

But suffice it to say, in general people at the micros do not 4bet without the nuts. If your 3bet gets re-popped and the stacks were 100bb to start the hand, I would fold hands even as strong as QQ, JJ and AK almost all of the time. This might sound absurd to a lot of 6max players. But this is full ring and ranges are quite a bit different. Also, this is the microstakes which is chalk full of passive players.

At higher limits in full ring, QQ, JJ and AK are fistpump preflop jams. Not so at the micros, unless you hate money of course. And if I am really deep against a nit I might even pitch KK to a big 4bet. You can’t write a poker book without talking about when to fold KK preflop though so there will be a section on that later as well.

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