4-Betting Tactics

It is inevitable that you will get 3-bet. Using my intermediate opening strategy and employing a wide stealing range will have you facing 3-bets quite frequently as players adjust. Most of the time, your range will be much weaker than your opponent, and you will be forced to fold. But if your hand is strong enough or the situation is right for a bluff, you can profitably 4-bet.

How you react to 3-bets is based on a number of factors: the 3-bet range you are up against, the strength of your hand, and any specific history you have with your opponent. Until you have a specific read, you should be 4-betting or calling all-in with a very narrow range based solely on the 3-bettor’s positional frequencies found in the HUD.

Just as I have done for 3-betting decisions, I have built into my chart and HUD the ability for you to make quick and accurate decisions when faced with a 3-bet. Until you have a grasp for how ranges stack up against each other and gain the ability to recognize when players vary from their standard 3- betting ranges, I would advise staying in line and sticking to the charts I have provided.

Light 4-betting is something you will need to learn in the future, but for now, you are better off tightening up a bit pre-flop against light 3-bettors rather than being forced to get into range wars against them. Until you master range equities, I suggest using the following standard positional 4- betting ranges when readless.

Standard 30 big blind range for 4-betting against unknowns: UTG/HJ: JJ+, AK

CO: 99+, AQ+ BTN: 77+, AJ+

SB: 55+, AT+, KQo+
The positions indicated are for hero and are the same as the ranges found in the basic charts.

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